Status Quo Guild

This was a web site I designed and built using all on my own for a group of friends I was playing World of Warcraft with. My friends wanted to run a guild, or group of players themselves for the first time and I offered to put together a website for them and was included as an officer in the guild. Unfortunately, my friends were not able to commit as much time as they anticipated to running the group and we all left and the guild after a very short time together. This little project happen several years ago and I no longer had the Art file to recreate it for my portfolio, but I was able to find one Archive of the home page on the internet archive that I’ve linked to below.

I took advantage of my experience with Word Press to make a custom theme that I was able to implement in a matter of a week from start of Photoshop file to final functioning group gaming web site. I did everything on this site. I then went around and found some Word Press plugins to make the site fit the purpose of a World of Warcraft raiding guild including, functioning forums, a roster of the players in our group (linked to World of Warcraft Armory live), updateable requirement needs, front page news posts, a gallery of guild achievements. I had to go into the code of a few of the plugins to adjust the art assets so it fit the sites or games visual style.

WARRNING this is a link to the internet Archive of the home page of site only. As I do not have the art files or web files available anymore.

Status Quo Guild web site