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This is a collection of my Art. I guess it don’t really qualify as part of of my portfolio, but I want to show them somewhere so here they are.

Some of these pieces are extremely old dating back to when I was in high school. Considering that I was spending 2 hours a day in art class I think it makes sense that a lot of my best art came from then.

I’m not sure how much I want to share about my art. In particular what inspired some of these pieces, so if you click a piece and the link just takes you back to the top of the page I’m not ready to share that story I guess. At least not here.

“Memory of the Angel
Dragon of Light”
Memory of the Angel Dragon of Light
“Broken”Broken “Stuff”Stuff “A crawl through trash” A crawl through trash “Self portrait in Illustrator” Self portrait in Illustrator “Looking Down” Looking Down “Yin Yang Dragons” Yin Yang Dragons “Pawn” Pawn “Surrender” Surrender “Tree Bark” Tree Bark “Crying Tree” Crying Tree “Big Head Me” Big Head Me “No Black Helicopter” no black Helicopter “Untitled 2” Untitled 2 “Dream” Dream “Untitled” Untitled