Leer Spanish book fair Book

Book folding is an arts and crafts technique where you measure, cut and fold the pages in a book to make an image that is based on a black and white silhouette. I was introduced to book folding by my mother. When she asked me if I thought I could create some silhouettes to create new patterns that people had asked her about but there were no patterns available that matched what they wanted. I’ve picked up a couple of programs that are used to create these patterns and these are the final results of some of the patterns I’ve created.

This was made for a Spanish language book fair. Leer is Spanish for “Read” and this book is supposed to be on display at a book fair. This was another only folds pattern. The only folds patterns tend to be easier to make since there is only 2 measurements per page and no cutting. I knew as I was working on this pattern that the E’s in the middle of the word would lose some detail with one each part of the letter being broken down into 3 part at most. To adjust for that loss of detail I stretched the word out a bit in the middle to make the E’s take up more pages and gain detail back. I think that approach worked out very well with this word and pattern.

Leer book fair Book