January/February Cal-Diego PVA Beachcomber Newsletter

This issue was a bit of an adventure. I had the idea to use several different photos in a collage with the organizations logo overlaid on top as a year in review type of cover. This cover would not have been possible if not for all the volunteers who took photos over the past year in particular one volunteer who took so many photos for the organization. I was a little worried about doing this because I knew it would take a lot of time to get the right photos picked and sorted but I finished on time and was ready to go just in time to print and mail out for January.

Until the printer broke. I used a rather large office printer to print every one of the newsletters and had volunteers and other members of the office help with labeling for mailing. but almost 3 years of working that printer to the limit finally took it out for good. The printer died on me and the techs we had tried everything for a week to get it running again but it was dead eventually I had to wait for the board to approve a new printer and make a bunch of edits to the news letter to cover two months.

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