Bros on the couch logo

This was a personal project for a friend as I worked on this logo for him and a few other friends who where putting together a gaming clan, with the possibility of branching out to streaming and youtube gaming content. I walked him threw my creation of this logo and how to recreate the branding to be consistent overtime.

After that most of the art on the bros on the couch twitch pages was handled by them.



This peace was actually an assignment in art class. We were doing relief prints using linoleum and black ink our teacher said she wanted us to show a display of some emotion in our print. During the rough draft part of this peace I wasn’t planning on doing it and getting another F so I sat at a mirror and did a self portrait. The self portrait I did was simple enough that I was able to make it into a one color relief so I started working on it I was one of the first ones done and I’ve always liked this piece. The time I spent working on this piece about a month, I was able clear my mind for a short time. The reason I had chose this particular self portrait was there was a lot on my mind at the time.

When our teacher choose my print to be displayed at the local court house for an exhibit along with other art from students in the class, I didn’t have a name for it yet so as a joke I said “call it stuff cause he’s like thinking of stuff” everyone laughed so the name stuck.

This project really inspired a love of black and white art. Having learned how to make linocut prints I started to make a lot more rough draft ideas for future prints. Many of those ideas are shared here but I never actually got the materials to make another linocut out of any of them. Someday I hope to revisit linoleum cut printing maybe with more than one color but not likely anytime soon.


Looking Down

I drew these two drawings in high school. The top is me sitting on the table in art class with my feet on someone’s chair. The bottom is my feet on the back of a chair in a pep assembly. I wasn’t very peppy so I did a drawing while I waited.

I did not take me very long to complete these drawings. I would say it was about a 30 minute drawing. Ahh the good old days when I could wipe out a sketch in less than an hour.
Looking Down

No Black Helicopter

I did this drawing in color pencil after my high school art teacher took away my black color pencil. She said that I used back too often to make shadows and I was over doing it. She wanted me to use contrasting colors to get nice natural looking shadows and shading. So I stopped using black after that day and on this drawing I tried to use no black to draw a black object. (an Apache Helicopter) I think I did a good job from a distance it looks dark but on a closer look there is no black at all in this drawing.

No Black Helicopter

Southwestern College Sun October 2005 sports page

Another sports page with color photos. This was during my Last semester as an editor on the paper when I was lucky enough to have more writers than I could fit in each issue. around this point I realized I did not want to peruse journalism as a career but instead wanted to focus on graphic design.

SWC sun October 2005

Southwestern College Sun Summer 2005 sports page

During my second semester as the sports page editor I was lucky to have a retired pro baseball photographer join the news paper staff. The paper also took on some new advertising methods that allowed us to use color for a few inside pages as well as the usual cover. With the quality art for a baseball team that was actually preforming really well I was lucky enough to get the inside color pages assigned to my section more often than not.

SWC sun Summer 2005

Southwestern College Sun April 2005 sports page

In this issue of the school paper I had the opportunity to have one of the best feature writers on the paper write a piece for the sports section. Along with our photo editor who also worked as a off road racing photographer contributing a piece, I had the opportunity to have a lot of fun with the sports section this time around.

SWC sun April 2005

Southwestern College Sun March 2005 sports page

This is a page from my the college newspaper while I was the editor of the page. This page won quite a couple of awards: 1st Place inside Page Layout, Journalism Association of Community Colleges Southern California Conference 2005. and 1st Place Layout & Design – Print, San Diego Society of Professional Journalist 2006 Journalism Awards.

SWC sun March 2005

Reflections 2011

Reflections is an annual Art show for disabled artists put on by Cal-Diego PVA were the winning piece from the previous year is used as the influence for next years show and promotional material.

For the 2011 Reflections Art show I was able to use the winning photograph by William Buchanan from the 2010 show. William Buchanan worked in the Veterans Affairs building as the head of media for the VA where the Cal-Diego PVA office was also located. He was a really nice guy I got to talk to a few times about graphics and art gave me a few compliments on the newsletter witch I appreciated a whole lot.

Reflections 2011