Chef Paulito Logo and Character

This was another logo and a character as well made for a friend. His online handle is of course “Chef Paulito” so I put together the name with a nice chef hat and gave it a little of my own outline flare. I don’t remember whose idea it was to make the character in that pose with the knife and giant pan as a shield. The idea came about because he’s a big fan of Spartacus so mixing a chef with an ancient Greek warrior made a lot of sense to me. Everything came together fairly quickly. He also mentioned that he wanted Jacksonville Jaguar color scheme since he’s a big Jaguar fan so the background has some kitty spots colored teal and orange… ish.

The plan with these was to use them on his twitch, youtube, and other social media outlets to start making online gaming content. He still has and was working a full-time job at the time and I think he had more than one when I made this Art. That kind of took a lot of time away from setting up the streams and channels so he never used them.

Chef Paulito and Character