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This peace was actually an assignment in art class. We were doing relief prints using linoleum and black ink our teacher said she wanted us to show a display of some emotion in our print. During the rough draft part of this peace I wasn’t planning on doing it and getting another F so I […]

Looking Down

I drew these two drawings in high school. The top is me sitting on the table in art class with my feet on someone’s chair. The bottom is my feet on the back of a chair in a pep assembly. I wasn’t very peppy so I did a drawing while I waited. I did not […]

No Black Helicopter

I did this drawing in color pencil after my high school art teacher took away my black color pencil. She said that I used back too often to make shadows and I was over doing it. She wanted me to use contrasting colors to get nice natural looking shadows and shading. So I stopped using […]