Book Folding Finished Books

  • Book Folding Finished Books

Book folding is an arts and crafts technique where you measure, cut and fold the pages in a book to make an image that is based on a black and white silhouette. I was introduced to book folding by my mother. When she asked me if I thought I could create some silhouettes to create new patterns that people had asked her about but there were no patterns available that matched what they wanted. I’ve picked up a couple of programs that are used to create these patterns and these are the final results of some of the patterns I’ve created.

These books are in no particular order. I don’t offer any of the patterns here anywhere yet. If there is any interest in buying a pattern or book I might look into it but honestly, I Fucking hate making my art, my business. I’ll likely never sell anything.

Mother of Dragons Game of Thrones Book Folding Mother of Dragons Buddy Christ Buddy Christ
old SAN DIEGO Chargers Logo old San Diego Chargers Logo
Sunflowers and Name Sunflowers and Name
Happy Birthday version 2 Happy Birthday version 2
Shinigami from Death Note Book Shinigami from Death Note Book
Graduation cap 2017 Graduation cap 2017
Leer Spanish book fair Book Leer Spanish book fair Book
Mom and Tulips Mom and Tulips
Sisters and a Daisy Sisters and a Daisy
Army Logo book Army Logo book